The main idea of this game is a ball, which is running along cube faces where it meets different troubles, like: acid, spikes and hole in the cube in which the ball can fall down. But  there is a positive point: collecting stars and using them for purchasing useful bonuses.

Screens, logos and icon:

Dates and numbers:
Development started/ended: may 2014/november 2015
First working prototype: july 2014
Team size: 2 people
Total audience: 150 downloads (40 current in play)
Total growth: $3.18 (FTP, money for adds)

Target platforms:

  • Android

Used technologies:

Publicity, awards and contests:

  • DevGamm Hamburg 2015: GameLynch contestant
  • SiliconJam #1,#2,#3 , GamesJamKanobu 2015 contestant



  • Arseniy Prosvirin (Code) / Twitter /
  • Kostya Baikov (UI & UX Design) / Twitter /